Horse Accident

With 1.35 million horses in the UK you are bound to encounter one on the road at some point. Horses are large, heavy animals and can be nervous around traffic. It is always best to slow down and pass the horse on the other side of the road, or if the horse is coming towards you allow plenty of space for any approaching cars to pass around the horse, always stay a safe distance from it.

If you follow the advice above you are less likely to become involved in an accident involving a horse; however, horses are unpredictable creatures and can get spooked. If a horse is spooked it will often move sideways and that may mean into the traffic. Due to sheer size and weight of a horse, they can do a lot of damage to you, your vehicle and the rider. In reported accidents in 2009, over 20% of riders were killed or seriously injured.

The good news is that many riders carry insurance, which will cover them in the event of any accident on the road involving their horse. If you do suffer damage because of a horse accident you should take all the details from the rider and check if they have insurance. The bad news is that insurers do not always like to pay out, so seek expert legal advice.

No Win no Fee

If you’ve been injured by a horse and it was not your fault, then you may be able to claim compensation for your injury.

Sydney Mitchell’s expert accident solicitors work on a no win no fee basis. We have solicitors in Birmingham and Solicitors in Solihull however we can handle your horse accident claim and give you free legal advice across the UK.

Did you know that you could still pursue a claim for compensation, for injury in an accident, for up to 3 years, or longer in some cases?

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on your type of injury and how it affects you. Check our personal injury compensation calculator.

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