Passenger to a Dangerous Driver

Janet was seriously injured in a car accident when her driver overtook and hit another car. Janet's injuries including a fractured skull, minor brain damage, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Janet was unable to return to work for several months, and her promising career in retail suffered as a consequence. Her medical treatment continued for five years after the accident.

We were able to prove that Janet's driver had been at fault, and had been driving carelessly. We secured damages of £40,000 plus funding for Janet's private medical treatment.

Playground Accident - School Made to Pay

Louise was rushed to hospital after suffering an accident at school. Louise, age 4, had fractured her arm when, according to her teacher, a fellow pupil had trodden on her during a game. However, medical evidence showed that this type of injury could be caused only by a fall from a height of 2 to 3 feet.

We initiated court proceedings against the school, using the evidence of the medical experts, to prove our case and exactly how Louise's injury had occurred, emphasising the teachers' lack of supervision.

We secured compensation of £8200 following a trial.

Accident at Work - Collapsed Scaffolding

David was injured when the section of scaffolding he was working on collapsed. David had been repairing the scaffolding at the request of his employer, despite having little previous experience in this area, and was relying on his more knowledgeable colleague who had assembled the scaffolding originally.

David's employer denied liability, alleging that he had assembled the scaffolding in the first place, and had not done this properly. We were able to prove otherwise, and secured damages of £110,000 to compensate for David's injuries and loss of earnings whilst unable to work.

Medical Negligence - Defective Replacement Artificial Knee

John had a knee replacement operation in 1997. He was in constant pain following the procedure, and after investigation, surgeons discovered a small piece of plastic floating in the joint, and conducted a further replacement operation in 2001.

We needed to establish whether the knee was defective or whether the surgeon had damaged it during the operation. John came to us with less than two weeks to go before the claim was statute barred. Court proceedings had to be issued immediately after carrying out research in to the possible defendants. The proceedings were issued against 14 defendants which included manufacturers across the world. Our expertise ensured that John's case was settled after just 4 weeks when the American manufacturers of the knee agreed to compensation of £5,000.

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