If you live in a rented council property and are looking to buy, you may be able to purchase your home from the council, at a discount, under the Right to Buy scheme.

How do I Buy My Council Home? Am I eligible?

To purchase your rented council house, you will need to ensure that you are eligible to do so.

There are certain criteria needed in order to be eligible, including –

  • You have lived in the property for 12 months or more.
  • Been a council tenant for five years (it doesn’t have to be five consecutive years).
  • You have lived in properties provided by a housing association, the armed services or a public body, for example a NHS trust.

It is also possible to make a joint application to buy your home. This can be a partner who shares the property with you or even a member of your family. However they must have lived with you on the property for a minimum of 12 months.

Preserved Right to Buy

Preserved right to buy works in a similar way to right to buy, but you go through the landlord of your property, e.g. the Housing Association.

If you are a tenant of a housing association property, you may not be eligible for the right to buy scheme, but preserved right to buy may apply to you. Similarly, if the council sold your property to another landlord, i.e. a housing association, whilst you were living in the property, you may also be eligible for preserved right to buy. You landlord can tell you if you are eligible for this.

Right to Buy Discount

Once you know you are eligible for right to buy, it is also possible to get a discount on the market value of your home. The discount is based on how long you have lived in the property, the location of the property and the type of property you are purchasing.

Right to Buy Mortgages

In order to purchase your currently rented home from the local council, you will need a right to buy mortgage from a right to buy mortgage lender. Not every lender offers this service so you will need to ensure you have researched the current market rates and received financial advice in order to get the right product for you.

How to Apply for Right to Buy? What to do Next?

At Sydney Mitchell, we have a highly qualified team of conveyancers who regularly deal with right to buy scheme purchases. Whether your matter is straightforward or complex, rest assured that at Sydney Mitchell we will manage everything for you and keep you fully informed on the progress of your purchase every step of the way.

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