The Commercial disputes team at Sydney Mitchell appreciate the need to try and resolve disputes quickly and before costs become a hurdle preventing settlement from occurring. Litigation can be an expensive process and as such it must always be regarded as the last resort.

Our Commercial disputes team are trained to always consider whether a dispute can be resolved without the need to escalate it to litigation. Often this is achievable through our pro-active approach to litigation, our willingness to negotiate face to face or over the phone and/or by considering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options such as arbitration, expert determination or mediation.

ADR can often offer a more cost effective solution for clients when compared to litigation. It also has the advantage of preserving on going business relationships and provides more imaginative and creative ways of resolving disputes. ADR can move much quicker than litigation and at the same time it also allows clients to retain control over the process as opposed to litigation where the case will eventually be decided by a Judge.

However, not every case will lend itself to ADR but there will be some cases which could very easily be resolved by way of ADR. The task of our litigation lawyers is to identify those cases that are likely to benefit from ADR and to then explore this with their clients.

Our litigation team have a wealth of experience within mediation, arbitration and expert determination and as such we are well placed to consider such options as part of the overall strategy on each and every case.

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