"We want to be able to work together and remain in control of financial decisions and agree arrangements for our children."

When a relationship breaks down it is never easy and the separation process can be lengthy and expensive.

The collaborative process is a non-confrontational alternative to court proceedings but is not only limited to the breakdown of a relationship, such as divorce or children issues, it can also be in anticipation of a marriage or civil partnership.

Working together

The collaborative process is increasingly common for couples who want to consider their future by means of:

The Collaborative process gives the opportunity for a couple to work together, with their lawyers, in a direct, open and honest forum about the terms of their separation or future of their relationship. There are a series of meetings to discuss their future in order to agree a solution for mutual benefit.  It is not an easy process but is effective.

How Does Collaborate Law Work?

  1. The couple decide what they want to achieve.
  2. A contract is signed by the couple and the lawyers. This sets out how the process will work. Everyone involved in the process has to agree to cooperate with each other in working to find an agreeable solution. As part of this commitment all agree that there will be no court proceedings.
  3. Meetings take place. The process consists of a series of open and frank meetings between the couple and their lawyers.
    • Throughout the meetings, discussions and negotiations will take place in order for the couple to work through future arrangements.
    • If required, there will be the opportunity to have one on one meetings with your own lawyer during the process.
  4. Agreement is reached. Throughout the process you and your lawyer will work together to reach an agreement that will suit your family's circumstances.
  5. The agreement is submitted to the court. Following on from the meetings and once an agreement has been reached this will be submitted to the court for approval or a pre-nuptial / post-nuptial agreement will be financialised and executed.

Why Choose Collaborative Law?

  • You are in control of the agenda throughout the process, prioritising matters that are important to you both
  • You will have a trained collaborative lawyer with you throughout the process
  • You significantly reduce the chance of having to take the matter to court
  • The process can be quicker than court proceedings
  • Other professionals such as specialist accountants and pension experts may assist
  • You will work together for the benefit of the family and future relationships

How Collaborative Law works - our Collaborative Family Law Group in the West Midlands


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Judi is a solicitor and collaborative lawyer based at the firm's Sheldon and Shirley offices, or by appointment, is able to see clients in other areas of central Warwickshire. Judi advises on all aspects of problems within the family including financial arrangements, divorce and separation, living together agreements, matrimonial finances, removal of children from the country, arrangements for the care of children.  Judi is one of the most experienced collaborative lawyers in the area and has successfully assisted many clients in reaching a consensual solution. 0121 700 1400

Solicitor and Collaborative Lawyer - Teresa Manion - t.manion@sydneymitchell.co.uk

Teresa is a solicitor and collaborative lawyer based at the firm's Shirley offices. Teresa is committed to helping couples upon relationship breakdowns to achieve fair and practical solutions that benefit her clients and their families. With a down to earth approach she puts clients at ease and helps them to understand the legal issues easily, while focusing on the future. Teresa fully appreciates and understands that people have busy lives and she is happy to offer appointments outside of normal working hours. 0121 746 3300.

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