Thankfully, in the vast majority of cases, pregnancy and childbirth is an extremely happy time for mothers and fathers alike, resulting in the birth of a fit and healthy child. When things go wrong however, it can lead to a lifetime of physical and psychological pain and suffering for both parent and child. If you believe that fault lies with the medical professionals taking care of you or your child, you should contact us for advice in pursuing a claim for compensation.

Many mistakes can be made during pregnancy:

  • Incompetent scanning can result in a failure to diagnose abnormalities in the unborn baby.
  • Inappropriate management of a mother’s medication can damage the unborn baby.
  • Injuries can be suffered due to negligent surgery in gynaecological operations such as contraceptive procedures, hysterectomies and terminations.

Also during childbirth:

  • Damage caused during the course of a caesarean operation, for example, by instruments and anaesthetics used or a failure to properly suture.
  • Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, caused during or shortly after delivery. Some of the causes of Cerebral Palsy include a delay in delivery causing deprivation of oxygen, failure to diagnose or treat low blood sugar, failure to diagnose or treat jaundice or a delay in diagnosis or treatment of serious medical conditions such as meningitis.

A case for compensation can also arise in ‘wrongful birth’ cases, where a failed sterilisation or other contraceptive procedure results in a baby being conceived. Side-effects relating to injected hormone contraceptives may also occur - and where contraceptive devices are fitted or termination occurs, there may be perforation of internal organs.

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