It must be one of the most difficult issues which victims and the families of hit and run incidents attempt to comprehend after their lives are turned upside, seeking an explanation as to why anyone would leave their loves ones suffering, irrespective of the rights or wrong of the accident.  After all, how would they feel if members of their family were effectively left to suffer knowing they could and more importantly should help?

Whilst some may strive to tackle the social and criminal issue of hit and run and indeed there have been limited studies to explain the rationale and provide an insight behind such despicable actions, any explanation is a mere veneer and will not help those picking up the pieces. The phrase hit and run bears little or no reflection of this impact.

The can either be short or long term in relation to the physical element but the emotional can be draining to a point of exhaustion.

Surprisingly, just over 12% of road traffic accidents reported to police where someone has been hurt, involve a hit and run driver. According to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau that’s 17,122 and this does not factor into account the number of people affected by the incident, be it family members, friends and work colleagues who will be running through a gambit of emotions themselves.

The long term physical and emotional affect cannot be underestimated.

Whilst we cannot heal those affected or even provide an explanation as to why these incidents happen, we can at least help the injured whether it be your son/ daughter (whatever age), a family member or friend, we can stand side by side in seeking to put them back in a position financially and seek redress by way of compensation.

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