At a time in your life when you are feeling very vulnerable, legal costs can add to the stress of the breakdown of the family and so it is vital to consider all options.

Very few people are entitled to legal aid, but if you are, you need an experienced legal aid lawyer to deal with your matter and make sure that legal aid funding is obtained as quickly as possible.  If you are not entitled to legal aid, what are the options?  If you do not having savings or surplus income, in some circumstances it may be possible to apply to the court for interim maintenance from your spouse to help fund legal costs, but that in itself can increase costs so not always appropriate.  Another option is to look at a litigation loan. The interest is paid each month, but the capital  is repaid from any settlement.

In my experience most people would prefer to receive invoices on a monthly basis.  That will enable you to budget for costs and keep control of how much is being spent.  It is vital that you work with your lawyer to make costs affordable.

Consider how much legal advice you need.  Do you need a lawyer to help you with all steps or just one step, for example attending a court hearing?  We offer schemes to help you pay for the legal help you need, rather than for the whole of your case.

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