As Europe appears to be in the grip of new mini ice age and the beast from the east looks likely over the coming month, it’s a salient time to remember that employers have an obligation to ensure their workers are protected in terms of health and safety.

It is not enough for your employer to ensure you are safe inside their premises but they are also responsible for the outside area which will include the staff car park or walkways to the building etc.

Your employer owes this obligation to you !!.

They can however reduce the risk of slips on ice and frost by not only putting into place a system to manage it but also to take necessary action to ensure as far as practicable accidents do not occur or at least highlighting the potential risk to you.

This can easily be done by way of notice signs and a commonly method used to de-ice floors is gritting which is relatively cheap, quick to apply and easy to spread. It is amazing how many organisations do not plan for this eventually and it the employee literally picking themselves up and dealing with the consequences both physically and financially.

In event you slip and fall please feel free to give our Personal Injury team a call on 0808 166 8827.

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