“In life we should expect the unexpected but the outcome is not always as we imagine”

They say safety is a choice we all make…what utter nonsense!!  Sometimes that choice is taken away from us, when things occur beyond our control with consequences which can be far reaching.

Imagine for a moment, walking down a street, having undertaken a pilgrimage to your favourite coffee house to purchase a latte and spending your precious time doing whatever you want or need to do, whilst subconsciously avoiding the every day hazards which present themselves in our busy lives.

Suddenly you are struck from an object falling from a building causing you to drop the precious latte, which in itself is a tragedy but also causes injury. 

The effect of such an incident can be far reaching not only in terms of caffeine withdrawal but also resulting in a potentially serious injury to you and the domino effect which occurs thereafter in terms of both your domestic and professional life. The effect can be quite far reaching and costly to both you and your family.

Napoleon once said

There is no such thing as an accident, only a failure to recognise the hand of fate

We disagree, whilst some would consider it fate, there will have been a reason for the object falling from the building, whether as a result of a failure to properly secure the object or mere neglect on behalf of the owner but more importantly preventable.

Legal bit

There is a duty on an occupier, and sometimes an owner to keep premises adjoining the highway from falling into disrepair so as not to cause a public nuisance. It is said that a public nuisance arises from an act or omission that inflicts inconvenience on all members of a class that come within the sphere of its operation.

If you have been injured as a result of an accident which you could not avoid or even contemplate!, please feel to contact David Lydon of Sydney Mitchell to discuss and deal with Napoleon’s premise in the same manner as in the Battle of Waterloo.

Please note the author does not have a caffeine addiction.

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