A notary is a lawyer appointed as such by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. A notary is authorised to certify and attest to certain documents which need to be used abroad.

Notaries form an independent branch of the legal profession. By signing and sealing a document, a Notary gives credence to that document and it will be accepted without question in all jurisdictions around the world.

Notary Services

A Notary will deal with a number of different documents and requirements. Many Notaries provide work for commercial firms engaged in international trade and also for private individuals.

"Notarisation" of documents is done by the notary issuing a certificate authenticated by the notary's official seal of office. Notarised documents can be relied upon internationally.

Certified Notary Public UK

We are members of the Notary Society of England and Wales and offer a full range of notarial services to companies, individuals and other firms of solicitors.

We can help in the following areas:

  • powers of attorney for use overseas
  • certification or authentication of business or personal documents required for use in foreign countries or certification of copy documents
  • affidavits, oaths and declarations
  • purchasing property, getting married or administration of an estate in a foreign country
  • medical examination submissions
  • lost passport and birth certificates
  • legalisation and apostille (authentication by Foreign Office and Foreign Embassy)
  • naturalisation
  • litigation

Our Notary Services explained by Fahmida Ismail, Notary Public

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