The world of all those individuals and businesses involved in the areas covered by these two landmark pieces of legislation has changed beyond recognition over the past 5 years. Being informed and adhering to these constantly changing laws and regulations is vital and that’s where first class legal assistance can help.

Gambling Act 2005 & Licensing Act 2003

In 2005 anyone who was affected by the Licensing Act 2003 had to apply for a new style premises licences or a club premises certificate and many are still getting to grips with the changes, the review regime and applications for variation.

In 2007 it was the turn of those involved in the Gaming Industry who had to struggle with the burdens imposed upon them by the Gambling Act. The new Operating, Personal and Premises licence regimes made major changes to the way many ran their businesses

The impact of the Smoking ban in 2007 has caused yet more difficulties for those affected.  We are now faced with more and more legislation in these areas.

Licensing and Gambling Law Expertise

In the area of Licensing and Gambling, our clients are spread throughout the UK and we can assist all businesses with the effects these new regimes can have. 

Licensing & Gambling Legislation

If you would like further information about the Licensing Act 2003 and/or the Gambling Act 2005, or specialist services for members and social clubs please click on the links below to take you to the relevant page.

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